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Mark Stiles: Throwing 'The Book' at it


Rules! We’ve all fallen foul of them at one time or another, more than likely as a result of a simple infringement like being a couple of grams underweight or half a millimetre below minimum ride height. When it happens it can be frustrating and usually prompts various expletives and criticisms to pass our lips; “what a stupid rule to have”, “well it was OK this morning” and “your measuring equipment must be inaccurate” are just a few of many.

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1/12 Electric Track

Mark Stiles Track Talk


As both a competitor and race official I’ve been to my fair share of RC tracks over the years. Indoors, outdoors, on-road, off-road, temporary and permanent. Each and every one is different in some way and in many respects that’s what makes the sport of RC racing so enthralling. I’ve got my most and least favourites as I’m sure you have too, and I’ve also come to learn that there are several factors in determining whether I ‘like’ a track or not. It could be a particular corner, a chicane complex or even just an individual race I’ve had on a track that makes it live long in my memory. It’s all of those things too that often make a track one that I’d like to forget, but sadly can’t!

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Opinions Matter!


Opinions Matter?

I’ve seen a few things around the web this week that has got me thinking, enough to actually write down my thoughts, which as a broadcast journalist is a complete anathema to me!

The subject is:- Whether in the tight knit world of RC, is there any room for comment and opinion?

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HPI RS4 3 Nitro Evo+: Vaugn Gitten Jr Mustang RTR


Hot on the heels of the announcement by HPI of an new version of the Baja 5b, here we a RS4 3Evo version of Vaugn Gittin Jr’s Mustang RTR-X. The IC powered drifter will surely win fans…… er…….. somewhere!

Oh all right I give in, Drifting is a perfectly legitimate form of RC, there I’ve said it!

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Associated RC10 Classic Review: Transmission Build


Review kit supplied by Modelsport.co.uk

We are continuing with the kit build of the Associated RC10 Classic, carrying on with assembling the entire transmission! Last time around, we showed you how the front suspension is assembled, complete with up-close pictures and even a video! So now I’ll be showing you how the rest of the kit goes together.

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