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Fukushima – Collari Quits the 2013 World champs in Japan: Lamberto think again!!



You may have seen the news that 9 times World Champion Lamberto Collari has decided not to participate in the 1/8th world championships in Japan – Out freinds at Hobbymedia have a unique perspective on this, given that it is an Italian language site and based in Japan – so I’ll let them do the talking!

“We have just received the news that, because of the radiation Fukushima the nine-times world champion Lamberto Collari will not participate in the world Championship 1/8 which will be held in Japan in October. The event is organized at the mini circuit Kei Tune Racing Speedway in Chiba prefecture. Despite being an area slightly closer to Fukushima than Tokyo the level of radiation is still the norm.

At this moment I’m in Tokyo, and I can’t believe ┬áthe news coming from Italy, to make so drastic a choice. I hope that Lamberto reconsiders because the situation in Chiba is clearly different from what he may have been told.

There are so many credible, independent sources that confirm this. For example, safecast.org that e-mail ┬áreal-time data collected from hundreds of monitoring stations. Or you may contact my friend Marco Casolino an expert in the field who live here in Tokyo, and it has already been expressed several times on Fukushima disaster. In short: Lamberto think again, the world can not do without a legend like you!!”

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BRCA 1/12th Nats – 2013 / 2014 Are GO!!!!



Whilst I am aware that a daft F1 calendar came out yesterday, far more important calendar news occurred when the dates for the 2013/14 BRCA 12th nationals were announced! In a spooky co-incidence they too have a date to be confirmed – (alright F1 has 4, but that’s just showing off!)

The BRCA 12th nationals is the longest established and by far the most popular 12th series in the world, and has been massively bolstered by the inclusion of the new GT12 class over the past 2 years, so much so that many events were oversubscribed last season – So get your entries in early – I have!!

Highlight of the calendar must be Round 5 which will take place in my new home town of Milton Keynes in the Middleton Shopping centre (right in front of John Lewis’!) and will not only be a fantastic race meeting, but a celebration of our sport and a chance to bring RC to the public!

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