Off topic nonsense

Off topic nonsense

Japan: the Dance of the 100 robots!

Not RC at all, but our other favourite subject here at RC Racing Tv – Crazy Japanese stuff ! – Whilst it’s no Bear driving a Tractor (Go Kumamon!!) it’s still pretty cool!  A hundred humanoid robots dancing in unison!

The dancer is  Robi, the small and cute android built by kit as a “part work” and sold in Europe by De Agostini Publishing.



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BREAKING NEWS: Durango "Not Happy" with dirt track, Euros converting to grass…


We’ve just received news that Team Durango were “not happy” with Jorn Neumann’s pace during the 4WD Euros practice day, after the German superstar was matched for pace by rival David Ronnefalk.  After using up the millions of tuning options on the DEX410 v4, Durango mechanic said there was no other choice left but to convert the whole of the indoor dirt track to a grass circuit for tomorrow’s qualifying day.

Keep reading for the whole story and more pictures!

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Kyosho eDriving: Transform a diecast model cars to a slot car!


In addition to the fantastic new edition of the 2014 Scorpion buggy on the Kyosho Stand (see post below!)  We found “eDriving”: a new platform that allows you to turn the static model cars (1/43 scale) into slot cars! The operation is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Just unscrew it with a screwdriver and the two screws that secure the bodies diecast to the chassis and install the eDriving chassis visible in the photo which you can see if you press continue!

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Gundam Builder World Cup 2014: Fly free to Tokyo

More Japanese craziness! Well I think it is?! Basically registrations are open to the Gunpla Builder World Cup 2014: – hang on I’ll tell you what it is!

It’s a competition dedicated to Gundam  static models…….. Hmmm that hasn’t helped much has it!

Er, I think you build giant robot type models in a Japanese manga style, and then theres a competition and you can fly to Japan for free!

Interested (or just confused) then more information is at

A picture of a plane and a robot are after the jump!

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Robicle: the tricycle for the Robot Robi!


Nope. me neither! But it is cute and strange in that fantastically Japanese way – Robi: the robot designed by Tomotaka Takahashi (ROBO-GARAGE), has his (?) first accessory   a tricycle with remote control equipped with LED lights that allows you to Robi to move with greater speed around the room.

Interestingly he, and the tricycle are part of a DeAgostini part work, so over the course of 30 issues you build it all yourself! Available in Japan and Southern Europe it may well be coming to a newsagent near you soon!