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1/12 Electric Track, 1/12 Electric Track EUROS, On Road EUROS

EFRA 1/12th Stock European Championship – Entry Open!


Ever fancied entering an EFRA European championship? Think you need to qualify through your national association? Well not this season!!
For 2014 both the 1/12th Electric and 1/10th Electric Stock Championships are Open entry, meaning you can sign up for them just like any other meeting!

The 1/12th even being held in Scandiano Italy from the 21st to 23rd March has just opened it entry and you can enter here (you’ll need to register with myrcm first!) and you will need an EFRA licence before the event (easy to get thru your national association)

So become a European champion, or just attend a great race and get yourself on RC Racing TV as once again we are live-streaming all the EFRA Euros in 2014!

1/12 Electric Track, On Road

BRCA 1/12th Nats – 2013 / 2014 Are GO!!!!



Whilst I am aware that a daft F1 calendar came out yesterday, far more important calendar news occurred when the dates for the 2013/14 BRCA 12th nationals were announced! In a spooky co-incidence they too have a date to be confirmed – (alright F1 has 4, but that’s just showing off!)

The BRCA 12th nationals is the longest established and by far the most popular 12th series in the world, and has been massively bolstered by the inclusion of the new GT12 class over the past 2 years, so much so that many events were oversubscribed last season – So get your entries in early – I have!!

Highlight of the calendar must be Round 5 which will take place in my new home town of Milton Keynes in the Middleton Shopping centre (right in front of John Lewis’!) and will not only be a fantastic race meeting, but a celebration of our sport and a chance to bring RC to the public!

All the details and info after the Jump

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2014 Worlds Update

RC Racing TV has today received news about the 2014 Electric On-Road World Championships.  As you probably know by now, the event will take place in Florida at Full Throttle Speedway.  There’s been a lot of discussion about the 1/12th event – in particular whether it will be held on the tarmac track or indoors on carpet. RC TV’s Oli Meggitt even wrote a column about the situation for our friends at Red RC.

ROAR has now confirmed that they explored a number of options for hosting the event at a temporary indoor venue, but decided that approach wasn’t feasible.  Therefore, both the ISTC Touring Car and 1/12th World Championships will be held on the (newly repaved!) asphalt circuit at Full Throttle Speedway.

Click Continue Reading for RCTV’s coverage of the last 1/12th World Championships to be held on asphalt!