1/10 Electric Touring Car ISTC

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2014 Worlds Update

RC Racing TV has today received news about the 2014 Electric On-Road World Championships.  As you probably know by now, the event will take place in Florida at Full Throttle Speedway.  There’s been a lot of discussion about the 1/12th event – in particular whether it will be held on the tarmac track or indoors on carpet. RC TV’s Oli Meggitt even wrote a column about the situation for our friends at Red RC.

ROAR has now confirmed that they explored a number of options for hosting the event at a temporary indoor venue, but decided that approach wasn’t feasible.  Therefore, both the ISTC Touring Car and 1/12th World Championships will be held on the (newly repaved!) asphalt circuit at Full Throttle Speedway.

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