When we started this  👈☝🏻CTRL 👆🏻👉 project; ie.  …the website you’re looking at (pictures, clips… swiping past the words 😜)  I had a brief thought that maybe there’s not all that much content for us to revel over, maybe we’ll dry up and start having to post nice photos of shiny cars parked up somewhere… (we love those sites but that’s just not us…) Well I needn’t have feared coz there’s fresh awesomeness coming in every day it seems… Like this… This is just about CTRL as you can get!

Plus that fact that it stars Luke Woodham of dominating Formula G and winning Gymkhana GRiD FOUR times, makes it even more epic. Also check out Youtuber BlackPanthaa who races Luke in this virtual-reallife race on a real track with real cars where the drivers experience is unreal…

Make sense? No? Probably best to just watch then:

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