Right! Back again for more? Of course you are! This is our complete build and review of the RC10 World’s Car from Team Associated!. If you missed the first post with a complete unboxing (including a 20+ minute video at the end!), just click here to read through it and then hit the second post in the build so you’re fully caught up.

If you want a quick review of the build and run, check out the October 2014 edition of Radio Race Car magazine, who organized this review in partnership with RC Racing TV! We’d also like to thank CML Distribution for supplying the kit! Ready? OK, just click Continue!

 The instructions are pretty straightforward, once again – sliding things in, screwing parts on, clipping things to other things…

 And…oh…let’s save this part for later, shall we?

So here’s the parts you’re going to use for this step…minus a few bits.

Don’t do like we did and forget to put those two washers under the ball end.

And you should end up with something looks like this. What we like to call ‘mirror image parts’ – because they aren’t meant to look identical! If they look the same, you’ll need to take the ball ends out and start over.

Sliding the axle through the steering knuckle – pretty simple!

And then sliding the shortest hinge pin through the knuckle and upright. Oh yeah, we didn’t show you installing the ball end in the upright, but you get the idea!

This grub screw helps hold the kingpin in place.

Now we slide the second-longest hinge pin through to attach the upright/knuckle assembly onto the suspension arm. Make sure the arms are facing the correct way!

You only get EXACTLY the number of e-clips used for each steps, so if you lose one…tough luck. Basically, don’t lose any e-clips.

OK, now we go through Bag B to find the turnbuck- oh wait…there ARE no turnbuckles in Bag B! I had to trundle through the alphabet to find one in Bag F! But don’t worry, there are enough to go around for later in the build.

And that’s it! all done. The arms are a bit floppy at this point, but you get the idea.

Check out the build so far in the build video!

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