As it’s Friday at the2014 IFMAR worlds and there is only lower finals action, and the lunch break is really long, we thought we’d post up an episode of the TV show which gave a unique insight into the fantastic 2010 Worlds event!

Having just watched this back, I actually think it’s probably one of the best episodes of the show we’ve ever made (and there have been over 80 now!), but like most of the great things we do it was a happy accident!

Mat and I were covering the Neo in 2011 and needed to put together some compilation episodes for the end of the series and to be honest the ideas weren’t flowing. Then whilst chatting to Atsushi Hara about something else entirely I realised there were questions about the final  the previous November that I ‘d love to ask  – then by complete coincidence Cody King walked over, my limited brain put the 2 together, we made them stand outside the Neo “shed” and we produced this episode, in which they talk through the 2010 final, how they were feeling, what there tactics and strategies were and what if felt like when it all wen right /wrong.

Then Mat worked his editing magic and we have this 24 minutes inside the minds of a top RC drivers – Oh and it’s a bloody good race too!


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