Last weekend saw the end of the EFRA European Championships for 2014 and what a season it’s been, and one where you saw almost every competitive minute, Live here on RC Racing TV

A few Stats for you (we all love a good statistic)

We broadcast Live in HD from 9 events in 9 different locations in 6 countries

We streamed an amazing 214 Hours of RC action (that’s almost 9 complete days!)

Our longest broadcast was 10 hours 47 minutes.

Our most popular broadcast saw over 9000 unique people view an average of 41 minutes over it’s first 24 hours (live and “as live” for people in different time zones)

Throughout all our broadcasts the average viewing time per user was an unbelievable 35 minutes!

More than 2000 new people joined the RC Racing TV facebook group – bringing the membership up to over 4500.

None of this would have been possible without the support of EFRA who had the vision to promote RC Racing to the world a few years ago and have encouraged and grown with us as our broadcasts have moved from simple Video reportage to full HD Live stream powered by Satellite internet.

But the really important thing is that you could all see 12 new European champions crowned (well 11 as Jorn won twice!)

Over the next few days we’ll be publishing all the Finals highlights videos of all the European championships, most for the first time, so you can enjoy once again a season of exceptional action in all it’s glory.

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