Hessel says ‘hmmm’

Yes, it’s raining in Vila Real, Portugal!

Quite. A lot.

The racing programme has been delayed until mid-day (1300 CET), and the live show from Portugal will be online then.

With heavy rain forecast until at least mid-day, we’ve had word from the organisers that we’ll have to wait until noon to get the racing underway. There’s also the issue of the safety of the mechanics and marshals, as the cars will go off the track more, meaning the marshals will be out on the track more often than normal – especially with racing action making the track especially treacherous!


The view from the camera position


The racing line is completely under water, depending how much rain is coming down.
Note the marbles on the outside of the corner!

Hessel Roskam walking the track during the worst of the rain so far

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