We’ve just received news that Team Durango were “not happy” with Jorn Neumann’s pace during the 4WD Euros practice day, after the German superstar was matched for pace by rival David Ronnefalk.  After using up the millions of tuning options on the DEX410 v4, Durango mechanic said there was no other choice left but to convert the whole of the indoor dirt track to a grass circuit for tomorrow’s qualifying day.

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Therefore, Gerd quickly nipped to the local generic Swedish supermarket (IKEA?) and returned with bags of “410 grass seed”, which he (and he alone) watered into the track, whilst Jorn quietly made the two necessary adjustments to make his car ready for grass track racing.  The organsiers responded with, “Well, we built the track, he said he was not happy that someone was the same speed as Jorn, so we said unless he wanted to rebuild it, it would stay as it is.  We never expected him to actually chose to change the track for us”.

We are unsure how this will affect the Ice Hockey arena, which the track is due to return to use on Monday morning.  Perhaps it will now become a normal hockey pitch?

Of course, this is all made up – we were just impressed that Gerd took it upon himself to help out the organisers in watering the track this evening and make sure it would be perfectly prepared for racing tomorrow.  Thanks to Team Durango and the DEX410 V4 for supporting our coverage, along with VRC Pro and J Concepts.  Jorn and Ronnefalk were very evenly matched on times today, with Lee Martin, Robert Battle and Neil Cragg also looking to be on the pace.  Join us tomorrow for all the action from the DIRT track.  Really, not grass.

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