Seen at the Shizuoka model fair, was the stand from “Weld  Overdose”. Apart from being a typical Japanese English name, if you think about it, one thing no competition machine needs is an overdose of welding; they are also really interesting as the Company make products for full sized Drift machines and now has a sub-division to service the scale drifter! They started with optional parts for HPI and Yokomo cars but now produce their own chassis!

Lots of Pictures if you press continue, go on, you know you want to!!


The latest addition is a “shaft drive full kit” with an innovative and transmission to the tree that allows you to exit from the curves much better than the traditional ones (as far as we have seen, this solution has attracted the interest of many engineers of the major japanese brands, and it is likely that in the future you will also be charged on model car touring competition). The head of the Weld Overdose there has indicated that it is looking for a distributor in Europe (those who are interested, can send an e-mail here in the editorial office).


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