In a surprise, but welcome (to us die hard 1/12th racers) announcement IFMAR has today announced that the 2014 1/12th World Championships in Florida will now take place on a Carpet track rather than the originally stated asphalt

Taking into consideration the predominant general feelings and thanks to the goodwill and co-operation of the organiser IFMAR has commonly agreed to revert the 2014 IFMAR world championship 1/12th from an Asphalt to a Carpet surface race.

We are well aware that this may come over as a bombshell. Many people will have to reconsider their engagements due to this important new element and its short notice.
A swift and ample communication flow is by then fundamental.
We trust you to spread this important information at your very earliest convenience to all concerned levels under your control.

Yours in the sport,

Frank Mostrey,
IFMAR electric sections.

The change is especially surprising as a lot of work had been done by the Electric section to firstly obtain agreement from all the blocks for a control tyre and wheel (which was a bigger problem) and indeed appoint a supplier – it is our understanding that the return to carpet, makes tyre choice free again.

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