Hot on the heels of the announcement by HPI of an new version of the Baja 5b, here we a RS4 3Evo version of Vaugn Gittin Jr’s Mustang RTR-X. The IC powered drifter will surely win fans…… er…….. somewhere!

Oh all right I give in, Drifting is a perfectly legitimate form of RC, there I’ve said it!

Lots more info after the Jump!


We remind you that the Mustang RTR-X 1969-was designed by Jr, champion of the world drifting, together with the designer of the Electronic Arts Andy Blackmore pproprio to the video game Need for Speed.


The small-scale version is based on the platform Nitro RS4 3 Evo+ with an aluminium chassis, transmission, 4WD, shock absorbers, oil, aluminum rims, realistic, electronic awaterproof and engine Nitro Star T3.0 with the power to tear.

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