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The Associated RC10 Classic build continues! In the last step, we installed all of the electronics and even did a mini-review of the Absima CR4T sent to us from Spire Model Distribution, and in this next step we quickly get to terms with the 3-piece retro wheels, install the tires and fit them on the car for the first time!

The instruction steps to assemble and install the tires are really short and sweet, not much to add here…

Bag J has all the wheels and tires, plus the hardware to assemble the 3-piece wheels…and bushings that we will not be using!

The inner ring goes into the front wheel pretty easily. The tires are made from a hard rubber – no M3 rubber here from Pro-Line! Tires ‘back in the day’ were quite hard to be able to bit into very loose dirt by today’s standards.

The inner and outer rings go on pretty easily – lining up the screw holes can be a little time-consuming, but as an assembly process this wasn’t as bad as some other steps in this kit build!

And the finished front wheel – note the bearings installed instead of the bushings!

Now for the rear wheels – the inner ring goes in…

The outer wheel face goes in, and an extra retro tire inner ring that the instructions tell you to use for retro-style tires.

The inner wheel goes on, and the bolts are screwed in until the thread is just flush with the face of the wheel.

And there we are! A pile o’ wheels.

I went with the cool knock-off wheel nuts just because they look awesome! You have to screw them on by hand, though, so when you’re first putting them on you’ll need to be extra-careful that the axle goes into the knock-off as straight as possible.

The rear wheels installed…

…and we have a rolling chassis!

The view from the back

Just waiting for the body to be painted now!

And the video showing how the wheels went together (we promise it’s much shorter than the last video):

Join us soon for the next step: painting and installing the body!

We’d like to thanks for supplying us with this review kit, HPI Racing for the battery, motor and speedo, and SMD for sending the Absima radio! Without them, we wouldn’t have much to show you. Check out the RC10 Classic on the Modelsport site, they do worldwide shipping!

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