In case you didn’t know, Formula E is the new electric racing championship devised by the FIA (the worldwide governing body of full-size motorsport, think IFMAR but for real cars) to provide a racing class for electric-powered single-seater cars. The video above shows the first official test drive of the car, using about 1/4 of the full power the race teams will get on a race weekend.

The MGU (Motor Generator Unit) will be made by McLaren and provided to all the teams and Williams Advanced Engineering (part of Williams F1) will be providing the battery systems to some of the teams, and together these provide 200 kilowatts of power, about 270bhp!

So what does this have to do with RC? Well…think about it! We’ve seen full-size RC cars race around a disused quarry, and these Formula E cars are RWD, and the modular aspect of electronics would make it easy to make a normal passenger car into 4WD…maybe in the same way BTCC and WTCC use passenger cars for racing? Do you see where I’m going here? 


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  1. The similarities in comparable technology between this stuff and RC offer massive potential for commercial growth and technological development. This could be to 1/12 scale and electric tc what motocross and full size short course racing has become for RC offroad classes…

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