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We carry on with our review of the Associated RC10 Classic kit build! In the previous step, we showed how the rear suspension arms and driveshafts went on the car, and this next step, Bag F we build the camber and steering links. It’s not pleasant but at least it’s a quick series of steps, and it must be done…The goal with this step is literally to just power through it and forget it ever happened. On we go!

There’s only 4 steps to the turnbuckles, and here are the first two! First up is the rear camber link, then the single drag link for the steering.

Then comes the front camber links and finally the steering links.

Here are all the parts used in these steps – I’ve arranged the threaded rod in the order that the steps call for them, so do the same thing and you’ll know which lengths of rod go in each step.

The rear end links go on first, and assembly of the ball cups onto the threaded rod was about as tedious and painful as I’d expected. The RC10 Classic is supplied almost exactly as it was when it was first released – remember no threadlocking compound? – so there’s no ball cup wrench like you get in self-assembly kits these days.

I used a pair of wire cutters to hold the threaded rod (you can see the marks in the middle of some of the turnbuckles) and started twisting on the ball cups by hand, which got really tiring after about the first ball cup. By the 14th ball cup, I was using a towel to keep the pain from crippling my thumb and forefinger. Why didn’t I use a pair of pliers? Well, part of me was trying to get it built ‘old-school style’ (before I had proper tools) and also I couldn’t find my second pair of needle-nose pliers.

The front end gets 5 links all its own, that’s 10 ball ends to wrangle on. Ugh! Seriously. Just painful.

Well, we’re getting there! The car is really starting to come together with the front and rear suspension nearly completed!

Here’s the video showing how this step went:

In the next step, we assemble the shocks…which provides us another lesson in how far RC car tech has come in the last 30 years!

We’d like to thanks for supplying us with this review kit! Without them, we wouldn’t have much to show you. Check out the RC10 Classic on their site, they do worldwide shipping!

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