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We are kicking into high gear with our review of the Associated RC10 Classic kit build! In the last step, we showed you the installation of the rear bulkhead and transmission, and the next step, Bags E and EE is a quick one, putting together the rear suspension arms and getting them installed. So let’s get going!

Once again, the instruction manual steps we’ll be working with – just the three steps on the left and the last one at the top!

The parts we’ll be working with – the plastic parts need to be trimmed away from the parts sprue so the leftover flash doesn’t bind on the suspension mounts. The flash can be felt easily if you run your fingertips over the ends of the suspension arms, just use sandpaper or a sharp knife to (carefully!) trim off the excess plastic.

The hinge pins installed and the arms are ready to mount onto the chassis. No reaming needed, thankfully!

Here’s the arms mounted onto the chassis. Note how the mounts have an optional mounting hole to change the wheelbase! The manual has you set up the car with a longer wheelbase, so that’s what we stuck with.

Installing the axles into the uprights, we used the bearings that Modelsport provided. I’d forgotten all about those spacers! Easy to lose in the heat of the moment at the track… Use a pair of pliers to *gently* squeeze the roll pin so it’s a bit easier to get through the axle.

And there we are! The uprights are ready to install. Make sure you have a pair of mirror-image pieces like the picture shows, the ball ends need to face forward when mounted in the car. 

Nearly there! The uprights are fitted onto the arms.

Installing the driveshafts is a wee bit of a faff..there’s a spacer that needs to go into the transmission outdrive/drive cup, then the dogbone fits in, and then a spring needs to go into the axle! Carefully set the car aside while you do the next step, where you build the —shudder!— camber links!

Here’s the video showing how these steps went together:


We’d like to thanks for supplying us with this review kit! Without them, we wouldn’t have much to show you. Check out the RC10 Classic on their site, they do worldwide shipping!

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