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As we carry on with the kit build of the Associated RC10 Classic, we move on to installing the rear bulkhead, shock tower and transmission on the chassis. In the previous installment, we showed you how the transmission went together, so let’s move on with the next steps: Bags D and DD!

Here’s the steps in the manual…

…not too much to do, really, and these steps go pretty quickly after dealing with the transmission.

All the parts used in this step. Bag D has all the parts except for the shock tower (that’s in Bag DD) with the metal parts separated as shown in Bag D1 and D2.

The first step is screwing the shock mount bolts into the place – again, you have to use threadlocking compound on the nut.

Then bolt the shock tower into place on the rear bulkhead. Make sure to measure the bolts you’re using in this step to make sure you’re using the right ones! I encountered a problem here in a later step (which will be posted soon). The ball ends also go into the correct camber mount locations at this point.

Now the rear bulkhead is put into place. Two more of the large screws on the bottom…

…and one 4-40 bolt on each side.

Now the transmission is installed, using more of the large gold-anodized screws.

The rear body mount is installed on the transmission brace.


Then the brace is installed, using 4 bolts.

Finally, the wing posts are inserted into the bulkhead. They do take a bit of persuasion, and the manual actually tells you to use a bit of CA glue to make sure they stay in place.

And that’s it for Bag D and DD! Here’s the car build so far – ready for the drivetrain, shocks and electronics.

Now, here’s the video showing how these steps went together:

In the next installment, we finish off the drivetrain!

We’d like to thanks for supplying us with this review kit! Without them, we wouldn’t have much to show you. Check out the RC10 Classic on their site, they do worldwide shipping!

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