Ah, Lego. Who doesn’t love Lego? Seriously. When you’re not missing that last 1×1 block that’s the exact color you need, you’re stepping on them in the dark or your older siblings are smashing your projects out of spite. Well, one person who seems to have gotten past these issues is Sariel, one of the many genius Lego modelers around the world, who has posted a new project: a Lego RC version of a Dakar-style racing truck made with the pieces from the LEGO Technic range.

This Dakar truck has a complete differential, shock absorber, lighting and even custom stickers. Sariel is also the author of The Unofficial Lego Technic Builder’s Guide, a book considered to be the bible of mechanical LEGO building (check it out on Amazon), so he probably knows what he’s doing, but at least he’s happy to show you how to replicate his builds!

On the official site of Sariel, see more photos of this new masterpiece of LEGO building and download the assembly instructions to discover the secrets mechanics of this creation.

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