From the fabulously-named Goodsmile Racing comes what appears to be a licensed replica of the legendary Lamborghini Countash LP 400 – in 1/12th scale, at that! Shown at the Tokyo All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2013 next to a life-size Countach, the tiny version was made using a 3D laser scan of the real car (that’s how die-cast cars are made these days if there are no computer drawings available).

Goodsmile specialise in statuettes and figures from manga series (Japanese animated TV shows and movies) but this is their first foray into the die-cast car realm and they’re making quite a splash! The 1/12th scale version will be 34.5cm long, so quite a good size for a desk or display case! It’s expected by the end of the year but no price has been announced yet.

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