The front of the box – iconic picture but the modern logo is added (click for larger version)

OK, I know the box might not be the most interesting part for everyone, but for all the RC nerds out there the outside of the box is pretty interesting. (and no, it’s not a bad thing to be a nerd about anything!)

At first glance, the kit (supplied by the good folks at looks like something that was shrink-wrapped in 1983 and kept safe in someone’s loft, and only just discovered. But once you start actually reading the text and looking closely at the pictures, several things jump out at you.

The side of the box that opens – you have to read the text to catch the differences from the original! (click for larger version)

To help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the RC10, Associated used vintage photos for the action shots, the same fonts and old logos, but the cleverly changed the wording on the kit box. When you get up close and personal, you can quickly spot words and phrases like ‘30th anniversary’, ‘2S LiPo’, ‘NiMH’ and more – which is a brilliant touch, I think! The biggest thing that might jump out at you is the picture of the assembled chassis with a Reedy 2S LiPo and brushless speed controller mounted in it – but it’s practically a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sort of thing!

The opposite side of the box – play Spot the Modern Electronics! (click for larger version)

The end result is that from arm’s distance the box looks like the original, so it’ll slot right alongside any 80’s kits you might have on your Shelf of Pride, and you’ll only spot the differences when you look real close.

The box ends – can you guess if the original box had a barcode? (click for larger versions)

One of the really cool things you can pick out on the box is that the ‘RC’ in RC10 doesn’t come from ‘Radio Control’ as you might have thought (and yeah I admit it, I thought so too), but from the name of the designer: Associated’s founder Roger Curtis. In case you’re wondering if they’re proud of this car and their track record…hell yeah they are!

The bottom – in olden times, there were no graphics on the bottom! (click for larger version)

So that’s the outside of the box covered…I’m sure you’re wanting to know what’s inside, though! Let’s just crack that factory seal…

Check back soon…

We’d like to thanks for supplying us with this review kit! Without them, we wouldn’t have much to show you. Check out the RC10 Classic on their site, they do worldwide shipping!


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