Many long-time RC grognards will remember the Marui brand and their much-vaunted Big Bear monster truck – one of the first RC monster trucks available as a kit. Many years ago Marui disappeared as an RC brand, and if you’ve been wondering what they’ve been up to, well here’s your answer!

Like all Japanese and Asian hobby companies, Marui (now called Tokyo Marui) are displaying their latest wares at the Tokyo Hobby Show – and yes, they make guns! More specifically, pellet guns known as ‘airsoft’. These shoot 6mm plastic BBs, as opposed to the smaller metal BBs or paint balls, and in the world of airsoft Tokyo Marui are one of the top brands. If you’ve got a TM gun you’ve got a quality piece of gear.

We won’t go into all the detail of Tokyo Marui’s available replica weapons, suffice to say they’ve got a lot of them, and if you were to whip one out at a political rally bad things would happen (to you). The basic gist of the guns is that yes they are full-size, they weigh about the same as the real thing, most countries where they are legal require some sort of permit or a majority of the gun to be covered in neon paint, they shoot 6mm BBs, hold up to 300 BBs (for assault rifles), the bigger ones are powered by RC-quality batteries and you can even get ‘gas blowback’ pistols that have recoil.

The real novelty of the fair is a wonderful replia of the classic Kalashnivok AKS 74U made of aluminium. The AKS 74U is the short version of the AK-74 with folding stock designed for vehicle crews and Spetznatz special units.

In another area of the TM stand, there is also a prototype of the new gas blowback HK USP pistol, in normal and compact sizes.

And here’s what looks like a Special Ops version of the US Military’s Beretta M9A1 pistol – with 100-round capacity! Just like a video game!

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