We’d like to thank Lamberto for taking the time to respond to Bruce’s opinion piece we ran yesterday concerning his withdrawal from the upcoming 1:8th Worlds in Japan.

For clarity here are both the English and Italian version of the statement we have received:

I don’t think it’s actually useful to reply to Bruce’s accusations. I was aware that my statement could have been misinterpreted and could have generated heavy criticism, no other statement could ever add or change anything in the meaning of the words I have already spoken. It might be that many of you are thinking that I could have just remained silent and withdrawn from the race, but this kind of behaviour wouldn’t suit my personality  I’ve always faced difficulties and I’ve always spoken clearly about them. I hope myself to have taken the wrong decision based on false motivations, but that is my choice and I won’t take any step back about it. I didn’t ask anyone to agree with me but just to try to be in my shoes for a while, trying to understand what brings me to this decision. It’s on you now, I’ve already done what I felt I had to. By the way, thanks for the kindness.


Lamberto’s words in Italian:

Sinceramente non credo sia utile replicare alle accuse di Bruce… Ero consapevole che il mio comunicato avrebbe potuto essere interpretato e sottoposto a feroci critiche; nessuna ulteriore precisazione potrebbe aggiungere, o togliere, qualcosa al senso delle parole che ho già espresso. Probabilmente molti staranno pensando che avrei semplicemente potuto tacere e disertare la gara, ma questo comportamento non fa parte della mia persona: sono da sempre stato abituato a fronteggiare le difficoltà ed ad indicarle col loro nome. Sono il primo a sperare di avere preso la decisione sbagliata in base a delle motivazioni sbagliate; ma è la mia scelta su cui non tornerò indietro. Non ho chiesto a nessuno di giustificare le mie parole ma solo di provare a vestire i miei panni, per un attimo, e cercare di capire le mie ragioni. Dipende da voi… Io quello che mi sentivo in dovere di fare l’ho già fatto.

In ogni caso vi ringrazio della cortesia usatami.”





  1. I think this article is an example of very poor journalism as it sets out to make a fool out of Lamberto Collari. It has taken his Italian Statement and you have used some online translator to get a meaningless direct translation.
    I met Lamberto in Gubbio at the 2007 Italian GP and he noticed my car had one of his engines in it and he helped to set up my car which had never run as sweetly and never since either.
    Lamberto is a nice guy and a great ambassador for our sport and if he does not wish to race in Japan for whatever reason then you should accept his decision and not attempt to make a fool out of him. I am deeply disappointed with rcracing.net and would expect to see you making a full apology to Lamberto for this shockingly poor attempt at humour at his expense.

    • Hi Ed, as previously mentioned, just to clarify – both versions came direct from Lamberto. I’m sure you will agree it’s better practice for a journalist not to edit an official statement? However Lamberto has said he is happy for a mutual party to also translate on his behalf for added clarity so we have asked for this.
      However, I really don’t think it is meaningless, I think one can get a feel for his sentiment quite easily. I agree that he is a very nice guy which is why I took a moment to think about what he meant and decided our English speaking readers would give him the same respect. With over seven years of fantastic international relations in the RC industry I can assure you humour is not on the agenda here!

  2. Cheers Mat thank you.

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