Here’s the top ten after a week of hardcore racing!

1 Mark Green, UK, Serpent
2 Jilles Grosskamp, Holland, Shepherd
3 Dario Balestri, Italy, Capricorn
4 Robin D’Hondt, Belgium, Motonica
5 Kyle Branson, UK, Mugen
6 Oliver Mack, Germany, Shepherd
7 Lamberto Collari, Italy, Capricorn
8 Daniele Ielasi, Italy, Capricorn
9 Simon Kurzburch, Switzerland, Shepherd
10 Adrian Bertin, France, KM


1 Mark Green, UK, Serpent

“I can be confident, but only as confident as the rest of them (in the Final). They’re all competitive and they’re all fast guys. Jilles of course is going to be fast, Ielasi, all those guys earned their places. 45 minutes will be real tough at this track and we’ll see what happens at the end!”

2 Jilles Grosskamp, Holland, Shepherd

 “Very happy to have qualified second, this is just the second time I’ve run the 1/8th car, the first time was at the Pre-Worlds. I wasn’t expected to qualify second in the main Final! I’m surprised that both Mark and I were both faster than Dario in the Semi, in the beginning of the race I was taking it easy, but I figured the pace was there and there was plenty of space behind me, so I tried to push to get a better starting position, and I’m very happy to start second.”

3 Dario Balestri, Italy, Capricorn

“Anybody in the race can take the win, it will be difficult but of course I will do my best.”


2012 European Champion Robert Pietsch, out of the Final

“Of course I am disappointed and really upset, but what can I do? I didn’t make a mistake, just bad luck. My favorite to win? Green.”



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