//Formula G TV SHOW

Street Racing - Gymkhana Style
Formula G is one of many Urban-Action-Sports the CTRLSport team are obsessed with. Here you will find up to 100 petrol heads congregated at Rockingham Raceway or Santa Pod in the UK bringing all of their skill, horsepower and mechanical know how into the battle.

//RC Racing TV

Racing scale RC vehicles epitomises CTRL in perhaps one of its purest forms. With a wide range of scales, power plants and classes; the one constant is that racers stand upto 100 feet away and CTRL the vehicle remotely at speeds of upto 70mph. We continue to be in sheer awe of this and have produced the RC Racing TV show for 13 years
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Sometimes we take the show on the road...


The Scale Nitro World Racing Series Begins in 2019

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